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4 Feb at 14:22 2011

Martyn Ashton: Things have changed!

For 2011 Ashton Bikes has reset its goals - I've been shown a new direction...
In a nutshell that means our connection with Diamondback has come to an end but the friendship remains strong. We've had a fantastic 3 years with DB so thank you to Mike Sanderson and his DB/Raleigh partners for some awesome times - see you in the Bar fellas! Great bunch of people and Mike is one of the best men in MTB.

Where does that leave Ashton Bikes? The content of this particular site will now be focused more on the development and testing of new Ashton Bikes Trials products (prototypes due in November). Until those prototypes are available myself and Rowan Johns get to play on awesome Inspired Hex bikes that we both truly love. Dave Cleaver (Inspired/Trialtech) is going to be collaborating with me on the new Ashton products so this all fits perfectly for us both.

Sam, Blake and Kurt: Sam is now riding for NS Bikes and looking better than ever. Blake is just about to sign a contract with a new brand but I'll let him tell the World about that (looks great though). Kurt is looking fast so expect quick times from him too.

The new way ahead!
I will be working with all my team mates and others on a brand new Bike Team that I'm proud to be a part of - details coming in a few weeks (web development permitting). This new project is so exciting for me - its objectives are everything I love about bikes. I simply can't wait to tell you about it. We've got some big news coming.
Martyn Ashton
Martyn Ashton: Things have changed! image.

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21 Dec at 12:08 2010

2010 is nearly over...

The Snow and Christmas lights make it clear 2010 is nearly done. So it's time to reflect back on Team Ashton Diamondback' year - full exhilarating highs and one incredible low point.
The season started with Sam Pilgrim winning White Style dirt Jump comp - he would go on to lead the World Freeride Tour for much of the season - including a memorable home win at BikeRadar Live.
Kurt trained hard and focused his season around Mega-Avalanche. The resulting road-trip video is one of our favorites. Really shows-off Kurt's skill, speed and enthusiasm.
Rowan filmed that Mega video but his riding would take a back seat due to a broken wrist. He used the time-off well though. Filming the Bikeradar promotional 'Roadie' video with Martyn. It turned out to be one of the 'Must see' videos of the year.
The Animal Relentless Bike Tour was to take on it's toughest but most successful tours to date. Martyn and Blake loved every minute of the 60 date tour which visited Ireland twice! The Rumor is the 2011 tour is visiting mainland europe.
However all the success and fun was to be overshadowed by the tragic loss of friend and team-mate Gavin Bedford in June. A shock and sadness that's especially raw at this time of year.
Last words to Martyn...
"The loss of Gavin does overshadow 2010 - that's understandable. However I know his personality would have been to focus on the positives, so that's what we should do. When I started Team Ashton back in 2002 Gavin was a big part of it, and he has been ever since. The comp wins and successful videos are great but I've found that the important results are the friendships you make along the way. This Christmas I will be raising my glass to Gavin, Blake, Rowan, Kurt and Sam. My friends and amazing 2010 team mates."
Merry Christmas
Martyn Ashton
2010 is nearly over... image. 2010 is nearly over... image. 2010 is nearly over... image.

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29 Nov at 12:40 2010

Winter sessions video 2

Sam Pilgrim has been busy out on the street nailing some slick moves. Check it out.

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22 Nov at 12:34 2010

Team Ashton Dirt Jump vids

And here's Sam

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22 Nov at 12:30 2010

New videos from the Team Ashton Dirt Jump boys

First Blake

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17 Nov at 11:34 2010

Blake Samson training video

Blake has recently been filming tons of riding and creating some great edits of his own. Check-out this film of him and brother Ray.

Lymington, Canon 5D, gopro from gepard on Vimeo.

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17 Nov at 10:40 2010

Martyn Ashton talks about the Winter activity

t's a weird time of year for me, so busy riding through the summer then suddenly the riding stops, replaced by frantic sponsorship meetings and plans for the next year's tour. I feel like it's 2011 already because it's all i'm talking about!
However the riding isn't quite finished yet - the Bike Tour is officially over but I'm still performing at events like tomorrow's Champions of Cycling dinner at the Emirates stadium. This event is ram packed with VIPs and the biggest names in the cycling industry. I'm nervous about performing in front of such a respected and knowledgeable crowd but also really excited to meet some of the big names of the sport. These charity evenings are tough to ride, with only a few minutes to perform everything has to be right and the nerves really build before you go on. Still once the riding is done I'll get stuck into the party with the rest of the guests - should be great as the Mountain Biking UK crew are there too.

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17 Nov at 10:39 2010

Sam's Winter sessions 1

Check-out Sam's new video on Pinkbike. Awesome vid with some crazy skills.

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9 Nov at 13:12 2010

Autumn training video from Blake Samson

Check-out Blake's first video edit. Pretty cool.

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18 Oct at 11:16 2010

MAC Awards for Martyn

Martyn will be jumping in the Vito and heading towards 'The big smoke' this week to make an appearance at the 2011 MAC Awards.
"Animal have a table at the event and it wasn't long before we started thinking about doing a show for the audience. The organisers loved the idea so it's on!
It's a really small space but I've come up with an 'old school' Trials demo that should work pretty good. Apparently the dress code is black tie so I'm trying to find something suitable - Animal don't do many bow ties..."
Martyn Ashton

We will have some shots up as soon as we can after the event on Thursday evening so look out for those.
Next Bike Tour date is Plymouth, also featuring Martyn Ashton and the long awaited return to the show by Sam Pilgrim. Sure to be an epic weekends riding.

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